The requirement of DevOps in global organizations poses unique challenges to its
implementation. These challenges arise in terms of scaling the solution to manage workflow across large, diverse and geographically dispersed development teams. Seamless collaboration across disparate environments where automated processes and human developers can work symbiotically is required. To address these issues, there’s the need for companies to implement DevOps the right way.

DevOps Principles

The practice of merging all developer working copies to a shared
mainline several times a day.

Teams produce software in short cycles, ensuring that the software can be
reliably released at any time.

We deploy any change to production that passes a series of tests.


  • Generate revenue through product development lifecycle acceleration
  • Improve profitability through process efficiency gains
  • Increase transparency in collaborative (intra/multiorganizational) environments
  • Create a competitive differentiator


Results were collected from projects over the course of a month and the following observations were noted:

  • Improved cycle time by 34%
  • Increased productivity by 29%
  • Improved quality by 11%

Adoption and Implementation of DevOps techniques yielded significant quantitative and qualitative improvements. It leads to faster product development cycles and improved productivity — unlocking new revenue potential and generating increased profitability for companies. Peekhunt Consulting Institute is here to implement DevOps practices for your organization. Our solution will help your company achieve similar results across multiple industries.