Peekhunt Consulting Institute have been employed in the following industries; Banking & Financial services, Insurance, Telecoms, Media and Information services, Government, Healthcare and Life services, Energy & Utilities, Retail, Travel, Transport and Hospitality to mention but a few.

Peekhunt Consulting Institute has excelled beyond our client’s expectations in every project undertaken up to date. At Peekhunt Consulting Institute, we are constantly striving to ensure that our clients get the maximum benefit from emerging technologies and business process at minimal cost.

Agile Implementation

Intuition tells us that Agility matters: that technology transformations drive business outcomes and quality improvements. We have stories from organizations about how they are leveraging technology to realize improved outcomes in efficiency, profit, and customer satisfaction. These stories and intuition are enough to support continuing investments.

Business Process Improvement

Researchers have indicated that as many as 80% of all software projects never make it through the full product development process. These failed projects either do not achieve business objectives or run far over budget and schedule.

Business Process Reengineering Facilitation

The best companies place special emphasis on screening ideas and creating “gates” for tracking progress and building consensus. Gates are the points in the process where a decision must be made. Gatekeepers – who are defined at project conception – can choose to Go, Kill, Hold or Recycle the project at any of these points.

Customer Engagement

Significant projects can only be implemented when preceded by detailed and sound planning. Engaging your Customers drives profitability. The leading cause of software product delay is the late discovery of customer requirements. Executing such changes late in development costs 50-100 times more than if these changes were undertaken earlier on. If the change takes place after a software product is released to the market, the cost is likely to be thousands of times greater.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Peekhunt Consulting Institute’s Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (DA/BI) solutions help organizations monitor their systems on a real-time basis, and respond in time to changing market dynamics. With a strong focus on converting data into information that can be analyzed by users, our DA/BI solutions provide valuable insights and enhanced operational efficiencies.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Peekhunt Consulting Institute, we offer software quality (QA) and testing consultancy and training to serve as your Quality Assurance point in making sure products are developed according to requirements and also meet your business expectations. We have experienced professionals you can also recruit from us ranging from trainees to manage

Software Development

Peekhunt Consulting Institute understands the impact of strategic software development and of extracting maximum value from it. Our comprehensive Enterprise Application solutions enable organizations to enhance business performance and maximize return on investments (ROI), while keeping their business agile.