Business Process Reengineering Facilitation

The best companies place special emphasis on screening ideas and creating “gates” for tracking progress and building consensus. Gates are the points in the process where a decision must be made. Gatekeepers – who are defined at project conception – can choose to Go, Kill, Hold or Recycle the project at any of these points.

The gated process prescribes a continuous conversation between marketing and development teams, instead of the typical single handoff of requirements. The core benefit of this approach is that there is a chance to change a strategy or manage a risk early in the process, so that development time is not spent on items that do not meet customer requirements. The following steps illustrate the general progression and gate points of a project:

  • Idea & Preliminary Investigation
  • GATE: Initial Screen
  • Market Requirements & Use Cases
  • GATE: Business Case Review
  • Architectural, Functional & Technical Specifications
  • GATE: StepZero
  • Step-By-Step Technology Development
  • Coding Bug Tracking
  • Full Production Market Releases
  • Post-Implementation Review