Peekhunt Consulting Institute was established to economically empower God’s human creation and institutions; to transform lives and ways of doing things in order to be financially prosperous and profitable in these turbulent times. Peekhunt Consulting Institute is here to serve God’s creation – His children and handiwork – to establish His ultimate plan and purpose, for His ultimate Glory.

Through Peekhunt Consulting Institute, people and institutions are economically empowered, to become wealthy and profitable, build fortitude and are able to withstand against all forms of calamity, war, famine, pestilence or economic meltdown. They’re lifted up with prosperity, in high spirits, thinking themselves as safe, as in a strong castle, and fearing nothing, distresses, or death.

All these are to bring humans and institutions to a state of well-being and to bring Glory to their Maker in this world. God is expressed freely in his creation; the work of co-creating our world is enabled through economic and financial prosperity and profits; His Kingdom is established and His ultimate plan fulfilled.